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    If you need help with Order Desk integration, contact our Printverse Help Center. We're here to answer all of your questions and help you succeed.

    Getting Started

    How does Printverse work?

    Printverse is a Print-on-demand provider for e-commerce store owners. When our customers(e-commerce store owners) sell a product on their website, it is automatically pushed to us for production and fulfillment. This allows the e-commerce store owners to focus on their marketing and brand building while Printverse takes care of the production, quality check, and shipping directly to the end customer.

    How do I connect Printverse to my E-Commerce website?

    You can connect your e-commerce store with Printversepro by using Order desk. You can contact us with your e-commerce store details, and we will create your Orderdesk account, which will be free for you. If you want to integrate with us via our API, don't hesitate to contact us at, and we will connect you with our development team.

    Before starting your integration process with us, you can place orders directly on our website by creating an account using the Sign In button on the top right of the home page.

    Where is your manufacturing located? Where do you ship the products from?

    Our products are custom printed and shipped from our facility in Fremont, California.

    Can I change the 'Ship From' address to my own address?

    Yes, to change the 'Ship From' address, log in to your Printversepro account. Go to settings and adjust the 'Shipping From Address.' This is the 'from' shipping address that will appear on the shipping labels of your orders.

    Is the price mentioned anywhere on the shipping label or inside the package?

    No, we do not include the price anywhere in the shipment. However, please note that only international shipments may consist of the cost if the customs or the shipping partner requires it. 

    What are your return and refund policy?

    You can read about our return and refund policy here.

    How do I order a sample?

    You can order samples through our website The process is simple - just sign in, choose the product you want to order, upload your artwork based on our templates, check out using our secure payment gateway. 

    Are there fees for using Printverse? How do pricing and billing work?

    There is no fee for using Printverse. For orders placed directly on our website, you will be charged when placing the order. For orders placed through Orderdesk or through API integration, our accounting team will send you an invoice on a daily/weekly basis once your orders are shipped.

    How can I receive automatic notifications about order status changes?

    You will receive an email notification when your order is shipped. 

    For API integration, a webhook or callback can be set up to receive automatic notifications.  Please refer to the API documentation.

    Orders and Fulfillment

    What is your turnaround time? Can you indicate a delivery date at the time of placing an order?

    Each of our product pages includes the turnaround time - which is the time we take to produce, package and ship your products. Once we ship the order, we share the tracking number, which will indicate the expected date of delivery. We cannot guarantee a delivery date when placing an order as the shipping time depends upon the location of delivery and the shipping carrier itself. 

    How do I track my orders?

    The order status allows you and your customers to track orders. You can send the notification to your customers when the status is changed to shipped.

    How do taxes work with Printverse?

    Tax may be exempt if a seller permit is provided.

    What is the required image format and size of my design file?

    Each product page in our catalog will contain rules and provide a template under the Print Guidelines section.

    What is the bleed area for the product?

    The Bleed area is the area for our printing process to avoid white borders. The Bleed area may be cut off or removed after production is completed.

    Do you offer bulk order pricing?

    Please send an email to with your requirements, and we will get back to you.



    Where can I find information on your API documentation?


    Can you tell me more about Printverse technology stack?

    We use Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, and RabbitMQ for our 24/7 api, fulfillment and production processing. Most of our servers and processes are in the Amazon cloud with redundancy and periodic backups.

    How can my customers check the status of their orders if I'm using your API?

    You can get order statuses via an API call or automatic notifications, then send the tracking numbers to your customers.


    What is your typical production turnaround time?

    Each product page indicates the typical production turnaround time for that product. 

    Your website does not show whether an item is in stock, how will I know if you have inventory?

    Since we're vertically integrated with our own supply of blanks, you will not face any issue with stock.

    How does Printverse shipping work?

    We support all major shipping methods with UPS, FedEx, USPS. Please refer to the API documentation.

    What return address is printed on the shipping labels?

    It can be your address or your partners' address.

    Will all items from the same order arrive together?

    Yes, unless specified otherwise

    Connect with Order Desk


    Integrate your Shopify store with Order Desk and automate a single product.

    • Sync and connect.

      • Shopify ⇄ Order Desk

      • Shopify Product Item ⇄ Order Desk Inventory Item

    • Seamlessly automate orders

    • Shopify Store

    • Order Desk username and user token provided by us*

    • [optional] Dropbox account or any cloud storage service where public image hosting is available.


    1. Sign in to Order Desk using the provided credentials. This should bring you to the main Dashboard.

    2. On the left sidebar under Integrations, click on ‘Manage Integrations

    3. Find the Shopify Integrations under Available Integrations and select ‘Enable’

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-09-90-AM

    4. Enter your Shopify shop URL  and click continue.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-09-33-AM

    5. This will bring you to the Shopify Settings.

    Sync Inventory

    1. To sync your current inventory from Shopify, click ‘Import Inventory Items Now’ under Manually Import Inventory Items Now. You will see a successful notification when your items are in sync.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk
      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-3

    2. On the left sidebar under Tools, click on ‘Inventory Items

    3. Select any item you want Printverse to fulfill. In this example, we will use the item name “Simpson’s Coffee Mug”

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-2

    4. Under Metadata Fields, click ‘Add a Metadata Field’. This will add an additional empty input row, underneath the ShopifyVariantID. We will use this row to designated which Printvere product Item matches your Shopify Inventory Item.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-4

    5. In the first column enter “print_sku”, and in the following field enter the Printverse SKU Number corresponding to your product. For a list of our products and SKU’s Click Here.

      Important: Shopify SKUs must be matched to the Order Desk’s Code/SKU. In our example, we use “11ozSimpson” which is the original Product SKU in Shopify. We require the ‘print_sku’ that is located in the Metadata Fields, match Printverse SKUs. 

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-09-77-AM

    6. Click ‘Add a Metadata Field’, to add another row for your imprint file URL. In the first column enter “print_url”, and in the following field enter the URL of your imprinted file. If you’re having trouble sharing or hosting an image you can use Dropbox to upload an image. Click here for help on adding files and here on how to make them publicly available.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-1
    7. Click ‘Save Changes’.

    Automate Orders

    1. To Automate orders, click ‘Rule Builder’ under Settings. Select ‘Order Rule’

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-09-18-AM

    2. In the Event tab, in the dropdown menu select ‘Order is Imported’.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-10-69-AM
    3. In the Filters & Actions tab, in the dropdown menu select ‘Submit Order to Printverse’.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-10-23-AM
    4. Give your rule a name.

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-09-56-AM
    5. Click ‘Save Rule’ and you’re done!

      Connect to Shopify to Order Desk-Nov-03-2020-01-00-10-42-AM

    Cancelation Policy

    Oct 7, 2022

    If the order has already been sent to production or is InProduction, canceling it may not be possible free of charge. The order has started, so there may be fees associated with canceling it.

    Cancel orders through Order Desk

    Oct 7, 2022

    Within the Order Desk Dashboard, there is Cancel Order at Printverse Button under the order status tab.

    Printverse will strictly adhere to the 24hr cancellation policy. Orders can only be canceled within 24hrs without charge from the time submitted to our system. Any order cancellation request received after 24hrs will be invoiced regardless of where it is in the production cycle. This policy will also apply during peak season.

    Screen Shot of Cancel Order at Printverse Button on Order Desk Dashboard


    Order Status

    Printverse has five Order Status indicators.

    Created: Order is successfully created and waiting to be generated and printed.

    Ready to Produce: Order artwork is composited.

    In Production: Order is printed and currently in production. (Order will be charged if cancelled at this stage)

    Shipped: Order has been shipped.

    Disabled: Order has been canceled.