Answers and Advice

    Getting Started

    How do I connect Printverse to my E-Commerce website?

    The API integration is straightforward and it usually takes two to four weeks to connect Printverse to your E-Commerce website.

    Where are your manufacturers located?

    Fremont, California.

    How do I order a sample?

    Please contact us to order the samples.

    Can I customize account access levels to different members of my team?

    Not at this moment.

    Are there fees for using Printverse? How does pricing and billing work?

    There are no fees for using Printverse.  An invoice will be sent to you based on the terms agreed upon.

    How do I delete my Printverse account?

    Please contact your account manager to delete your account.

    How can I receive automatic notifications about order status changes?

    There is a webhook or callback that can be set up to receive automatic notifications.  Please refer to the API documentation.

    Orders & Production

    How do I track my orders?

    The order status allows you and your customers to track orders. You can send the notification to your customers when the status is changed to shipped.

    How do I prepare a receipt for orders?

    We will invoice you every two weeks. The charge on each order will include fulfillment and shipping costs.

    I need a list of products that I loaded onto your platform. Is that something you can generate for me?

    You can access your product line in the Printverse dashboard or contact your account manager.

    How do taxes work with Printverse?

    Tax may be exempt if a seller permit is provided.

    Where can I find invoices for all transactions?

    Your credit card may be required to be on file. Printverse will invoice you bi-weekly with all transaction information.

    What is the required image format and size of my design file?

    Each product page in our catalog will contain rules and provide a template under the Print Guidelines section.

    What is the bleed area for the product?

    Bleed area is the area for our printing process to avoid white borders. Bleed area may be cut off or removed after production is completed.

    Do you offer bulk order pricing?

    Can be arranged with your Account Manager

    Shipping & Packaging

    What is your typical production turnaround time?

    36 - 48 hours

    Your website does not show whether an item is in stock, how will I know if you have inventory?

    Since we're vertically integrated with our own supply of blanks, you will not face any issue with stock.

    Do you offer any sustainable packaging options?

    Since we're vertically integrated with our own supply of blanks, you will not face any issue with stock.

    How does Printverse shipping work?

    We support all major shipping methods with UPS, FedEx, USPS. Please refer to the API documentation.

    What return address is printed on the shipping labels?

    It can be your address or your partners' address.

    Do you offer flat rates?

    Please contact your account manager to discuss.

    Will all items from the same order arrive together?

    Yes, unless specified otherwise


    Where can I find information on your API documentation?


    Can you tell me more about Printverse technology stack?

    We use Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, and RabbitMQ for our 24/7 api, fulfillment and production processing. Most of our servers and processes are in the Amazon cloud with redundancy and periodic backups.

    How can my customers check the status of their orders if I'm using your API?

    You can get order statuses via an API call or automatic notifications, then send the tracking numbers to your customers.